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Well hello there Mrs!

Congratulations on your Wedding, I hope that you had an incredible day and that the last few days and weeks have been a really special time for you and your partner.

If you’re now thinking of how to go about changing your surname now you’re married, you’re definitely in the right place! I created My Married Name Change especially for UK newlyweds looking to make the transition to their new married name and to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible.

Got any questions? You can get hold of me here.

Laura x

Founder of MyMarriedNameChange.Com

The most convenient way to change your name for Newlyweds

  • Don’t have the time to get your name change sorted out?

  • Don’t know where to start with who to contact and how to let them know your new surname?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the different Companies and Organisations you need to contact?

With My Married Name Change, it’s EASY

  1. We will email you a link to your fully secured name change form, which takes around three minutes to fill in.

  2. Your name change pack will be emailed out to you straight away, thanks to our fully automated system.

  3. Your Name Change Pack contains EVERYTHING you need to get your name change sorted; letters and emails created with your personalised details and ready to use, telephone numbers, website addresses and any additional forms you may need, all collated with exact submission details clearly documented for you.

Your Married Name Change Pack is just five minutes away…

My Married Name Change Service

Choose from over 400 Companies and Organisations who you wish to update, including:

  • Government Departments including DVLA, Child Benefit and Passport

  • Student Loan and Pensions

  • Banking, Credit Cards and Insurance

  • Mobile Phone, Broadband and TV

  • Gas, Electric and Water

It’s Fast, it’s Easy and it’s Fully Personalised…

Choose the Best Package for You

Happy Customers

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“The service is genius! Saved me so much time and effort. The information pack excelled my expectations and I would recommend to any newlyweds.”

Mrs Sophie Fallon

“I would recommend this service to my newly wed friends because all of the leg work has been done, it made it much easier not having to find the correct address and person to send it to. This service saved me hours of time sorting out who needed a copy or original of the wedding certificate and where it needed posting, worth every penny.”

Mrs Sarah Ekins

“Saves a lot of time trying to find out where to write and who needs what. I found the pack very easy to use and it was so nice to know exactly what different Companies needed to have in order to make the change.  It was really useful having the blank templates too.”

Mrs Victoria Paxton

“I found the form very easy to fill in and feel extremely happy that it is now all getting dealt with. It has taken no time at all on what is a very daunting process. You have made it so clear with easy step by step instructions. Thank you!!”

Mrs Nicola Everson

“Great idea if you are going from Miss to Mrs this year, check out this service, much less hassle!”

London-Bride.Com via Twitter

“With My Married Name Change, the process is quick and easy.”

WhimsicalWonderlandWeddings.Com via Facebook

The quickest and easiest way to change your name now you’re a Mrs…

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