Changing your name after marriage in the UK

Changing name after marriage

Changing your name after marriage if you live in the UK is one of those post wedding tasks that you may either be relishing diving into, or maybe you’re feeling apprehensive about doing it at all.

The wonderful thing now about changing your name after marriage is that there are no strict rules which stipulate that you have to take your beau’s name and by when. Lets have a look at the different options that are available to you.

Changing your name after marriage in the UK options

You take on your Partners surname – As a UK newlywed, you are entitled to ‘assume’ your Partner’s surname as your own. There is no official place where you need to register this change, other than to update all of the UK Companies and organisations that you use that you will be changing your name after marriage. All up to ten hours or so to sort out this admin yourself, or use a streamlined service like ours which will make things a lot quicker and easier for you.

You double barrel your surnames together – Double barreling surnames together is a fantastic way of changing your name after marriage. You both get to keep your old names but are bringing them together to create something special and new. Fortunately, you won’t need a deed poll for this either. As long as you keep both names spellings as they were originally, then you can simply double barrel them together and let all the companies and organisations that you use know.

You create a new word altogether – This is a fun option! Merge both of your names together to create a brand new word. As this means that neither of your original names will be used anymore, you will need to create a deed poll which you can send off to the companies and organisations that you use when you let them know what your new name is. You can create a deed poll yourself easily and for free by copying the wording and advice on the UK government website here.

You keep your maiden name – If you decide to keep your maiden name exactly as it is, that’s all good! You don’t have to change your name – it is a very personal decision. If you wish, you can use Mrs before your name once you’re married. Or keep yourself as Miss or Ms. Your choice. Hurrah! I spoke a bit about this on a Facebook Live here where I addressed some common name change myths!

You mix it up – Would you like to keep your maiden name professionally and new married name socially? Or vice versa? Then you can 🙂 Just ensure that you update the companies and organisations who you wish to refer to you by your new name and leave the ones who you want to refer to you by your maiden name. The only BIG thing to bare in mind here, is that if and when you travel, that you book your tickets in the same name as shown on your passport as otherwise you will not be allowed to travel!

Gay marriages – exactly the same rules apply as above, simply pick your favourite way of changing your name after marriage and go for it!

Second time marriages – again, the same rules apply, so just choose your favourite way of changing your name after marriage and get it done!

Changing name after marriage

But where to start with changing your name after marriage?

Ok, I get it, it does seem SO daunting. Especially when you feel that you have done enough wedmin to last you a life time. So make the task easy on yourself and treat yourself to a full name change service like the ones we offer here – your pack will literally save you hours and hours of boring research and typing up messages.

If you do want to do it yourself, then download this Free Changing Your Name After Marriage Guide which will help you with getting it all sorted out.

Here are some of the Companies and Organisations you will need to contact to advise that you will be changing your name after marriage:

– Government Departments including Passport, DVLA, Child Tax Credits amongst others

– Utility Bills including home phone, gas, water, electric, TV etc

– Credit Cards and Store Cards

– Banking and Insurance

– Social Media

– Private Health Care

– Financial Investment Houses

– Local Doctors, Vets, Schools, Council Tax and Dentists etc

You will need to research exactly what each company needs from you in order to update them with how you are changing your name after marriage and create the necessary emails or letters. You will also need to find out if they need to see a copy or an original of your Marriage Certificate. Or, let us do the hard work and choose from over 400 Companies and Organisations who you wish to notify and get your own fully personalised name change pack ready to sign and send here.