Do I need to change name by deed poll now I’m married?

Change name by deed poll now I'm married

Do I need to change name by deed poll now I’m married is one of THE most common questions that I get asked here at MyMarriedNameChange.Com and I would like to share some news with you and put the record straight, once and for all 🙂

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding name change once a couple are married. Do any of the below resonate with you?

  • You might believe that name change once you are married is a legal issue and that you will need to register your new married name officially somewhere.
  • You might have heard that you MUST take your partner’s surname now you’re married.
  • You may think that you have to change name by deed poll now you’re a newly wed.

The truth is that ALL of the above statements are false! In the UK, once you are legally married, it is completely your choice if you wish to take on your spouses name or not. There is no legal requirement to do so, and in a straight forward name change, you will simply ‘assume’ your spouses name – that’s just the way it works here in the UK!

If you do wish to take on your spouses surname – and that goes for all legal marriages in the UK – then as long as it is clear where the name has come from, then you will NOT need a deed poll. So if you take theirs, they take yours, or you create a straight forward double barrel of both of your names, without changing any spellings, then you will not need to change name by deed poll.

Then why have I heard that you need to change name by deed poll once married?

The only times that you will need a deed poll once you are married is for one of the below reasons:

– You want to make a new word out of both of your surnames to create a totally new surname. For example – your spouses surname is Smith and yours is Williams. You decide to create a new surname for yourselves called Willith. This counts as a totally new name and you will need to change name by deed poll.

– You create a double barrel surname which is not clearly related to both of your previous surnames and includes a new spelling or a new word within the double barrel. You will then need to change name by deed poll.

– You want to keep your maiden name as a new middle name / in addition to your old middle name. In this case, this counts as a new name and you will need to change name by deed poll.

So I hope that this clears up the Deed Poll name change after marriage myths! If you do need a deed poll based on my advice above, you can easily create your own by following the UK Government Deed Poll advice here.

How we can help:

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Wishing you and yours a wonderful married future together!

Laura x

Founder of MyMarriedNameChange.Com