Free Married Name Change Guide

Free Married Name Change Guide

I know that a lot of you come to this site looking for some guidance and advice on where on earth to start with the daunting task of changing your name once you are married.

If you are going to be taking on your partner’s surname or going for a double-barrel, updating all of the companies that you are associated with can feel like such a chore. Which it inevitably is! So I have created a helpful free married name change guide which you can use to get yourself organised and prepared for what you will need to do next.

What I cover off in the Free Married Name Change Guide

  • Some handy information that you can refer to regarding the tradition of changing your name once married in the UK.
  • A hit list of all of the companies and organisation types that will give you a great prompt to remember all of the different ones that you use.
  • A tick list for you to add in the companies for you to research and contact.

I hope that this free married name change guide will give you a head start on the name change task and will help to make it all feel a little less overwhelming and a little more organised.

You can get your free married name change guide here.

And if you just don’t fancy the thought of having to do it all yourself, we offer two fantastic married name change service packages to make things as easy as possible. Check out what’s included below!

The Standard Name Change Personalised Pack includes: Detailed instructions for how to update your chosen Companies and Organisations of your new married name with step by step instructions for whether each requires you to call, email, write, fax or visit in person. • Choose from hundreds of Companies and Organisations: We have personally researched over 300 Companies and Organisations for you to choose from • Your letters and faxes emailed to you, ready to print, sign and send: Your personalised letters and faxes ready populated with all of your information, ready for you to print out at home and send • Forms: Where your chosen Companies or Organisations require you to fill out a form, we will attach a copy of this for you at the end of your Personalised Pack, ready for you to complete and submit. • Template Letter, Fax and Emails: Where the Company or Organisation is not included within our list of over 300, we have included letter, fax and email templates for you to use and submit. These are suitable for Doctors, Vets and Schools etc. If you have chosen to upgrade to the Premium Printed Name Change Pack, you will receive all of the above by email and by post.

You can get hold of your free name change guide here. And if you wanted our married name change service, you can get yours here.

Laura x

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