Happy Marriage Advice from Mums


Happy Marriage Advice

Happy Marriage Advice from Mums

Happy Marriage advice was top of the agenda this week in our Mothers Day Competition. We asked what advice and tips for a Happy Marriage you had been given by your Mum before you got married. Here are some of the lovely pieces of advice that we got in:

Happy Marriage Advice and Tips from Mums to their Daughters

Thanks so much to all of the lovely Facebook My Married Name Change Community for submitting these lovely tips 🙂


“Enjoy every bit of your wedding day as it passes very quickly. Never go to bed on an argument. Always work through your problems and never just walk out on them. Having a happy marriage is hard work at times but worth working for.”


“Marriage is hard. You will hate each other sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love each other also. Learn to lean on each other and you can make it work.”


“Never go to bed angry with each other. Whatever your differences, put them aside and make up.”


“Marriage is hard! Sometimes you can forget what it’s all about. Before your wedding day, write down all the reasons you are marrying each other and when times get hard, take a few minutes to read them and remind yourselves what your relationship is all about.”

“My Mum just said it’s not about anybody else, but you two. Do what makes you happy and enjoy your day! It goes so fast.”


“My mom didn’t give me much marriage advice. What I did learn from her is from watching her marriage and knowing I wanted something much different. I’ve watched her let my dad walk all over her, not care or listen to her opinion or needs and imply she had no intelligence, and not compromise with her at all. I knew I didn’t want my marriage to be like that. I’m so thankful I found a man who can talk through decisions and disagreements, who treats me as the intelligent woman I am, who takes into consideration my fears and insecurities and respects them, and respects my opinion. And that wonderful man is my husband now.”


“Being married is no different to not being married… Just a married name change! Don’t change yourself and enjoy it.”


“Be yourself… Never be something someone else wants you to be.”


“My in-laws said ‘don’t do it’! And then with the same breath, said ‘be kind, be loyal and love every moment of your happy marriage, even if those moments are testing” 


“Always make him think it was his idea but secretly know it was really yours.” 


“Never go to bed on an argument or with dirty dishes!”

“Put God first and work at it.”


“My fave advice for a happily married life from my Mum is to always make your Hubs feel happy – find laughter where you can, even on the tough days.”


Once the wedding day is over and you have changed to your new married name, I hope that these lovely tips for a happy marriage will inspire you and perhaps give you a little lift if you are having one of the tougher days.

Wishing you and yours a blissfully happy marriage.

Laura xx

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