How do I change my name after getting married?


How do I change my name after getting married?

Huge congrats to you if you’re a newlywed this Summer! After your wedding is over and you’re settling into life as a Mrs, you’re probably beginning to think ‘How do I change my name after getting married?’… This can seem like a rather daunting (not to mention boring!) challenge to embark on – so to help you out, I have written a little guide for you today. If you don’t fancy going through this rigmarole, I have two services that can save you lots of time and hassle here.

How do I change my name after getting married?

If you are going to be changing your name, you will need to update all of the Companies and Organisations that you use and are associated with.

You will need to:

  • Find out who you need to notify.
  • Whether to inform them by phone, web form submission, email, letter, fax or in person.
  • If you need to send an original or copy of your Marriage Certificate, or if they don’t need to see a copy at all.
  • Create your emails, letters and faxes and send them off to the correct place.
  • Keep track of what you have sent where, so that you can follow up if need be.
  • The companies and organisations who you need to update may include: Government Departments including Child Benefit, DVLA, Passport etc, Banking, Breakdown Cover, Car Insurance TV, Broadband, Home Phone and Mobile, Credit Cards and Store Cards, Energy Provider, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Loyalty Cards, Online Shopping and Social Media, Pensions, Water Provider.


How do I change my name after getting married? How MyMarriedNameChange.Com can help:

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