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What’s your favourite thing about life now you are just married? April Competition


Just Married

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In this month’s competition to win a #newlywed premium name change pack, I want to know:

“What’s the best thing about being just married?’

We love hearing your stories and tips, so get involved over on the Facebook Page and tell us your favourite thing about being just married!

If you are just married and you enter this months competition, you will be in with a chance of winning one of our Premium Married Name Change Packs, which include:

Married Name Change Ready to sign and send letters, faxes and emails – all filled in with your details and good to go. Where the company requires you to send a letter, fax or email, these will be written for you and attached with your Just Married Name Change pack – ready to print, sign and send. No fuss, no stress.

Married Name Change Tailor made step by step instructions for how to update your chosen Companies and Organisations of your new married name.

Married Name Change Ready to complete forms: Some of your chosen companies and organisations will need you to fill out a form in order to update your new married name. Where these are required, we will attach a copy for you, ready to populate and send off. And if you need to obtain the form in person, we will tell you exactly how to do this quickly and easily.

Married Name Change The correct department contact details and who you need to speak or write to – no more sitting on the phone on hold for hours while the customer service rep tries to find out the information you need.

Married Name Change Exact requirements for what you will need to provide in order to update your new married name. Some companies require an original marriage certificate, some need a copy and others don’t need anything at all – we will tell you exactly what each company needs from you.

Married Name Change Template letters, emails and faxes. If you need to advise smaller companies and organisations of your name change – such as Schools, Vets and Doctors – we include template ready to populate letters, emails and faxes for you.

Married Name Change Your personalised checklist – to help you stay on top of your name change, we include a bespoke checklist for you to tick off each company as you complete them. Job done!

If you are just married and can’t wait for the competition draw at the end of April, you can get your own personalised Married Name Change Pack within five minutes here.

You can enter our Just Married April Competition here. The winner will be the comment with the most likes and will be announced at the end of April. Good luck!

Laura xx

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Newlywed fun things to do

Newlywed fun list

Newlywed fun things to do

Congratulations on becoming a newlywed! I hope that you had an incredible wedding day and that it was everything that you wished for 🙂

The first few weeks as a newlywed can feel fun and love filled – especially if you’re off on a honeymoon, or moving into a new place together… But sometimes, you can feel a little exhausted after all the hype of the wedding and it can be a tiny bit sad knowing that the actual wedding itself is behind you! But now is the time the fun really starts. It’s time to settle into life as a newlywed and your life as a Mrs. To celebrate this newlywed  chapter in your life, I have made up a newlywed fun list for you. Anytime you’re feeling a little blue, stuck for inspiration or just want to revel in being the gorgeous couple that you are, try picking one of these ideas to celebrate your newlywed love!

Newlywed celebration ideas

Married Name Change Book a super last minute mini break away together. Message your beau at lunchtime on Friday and tell them to pack their bags for a couple of nights away. Be it a luxurious spa, an adventurous sun break or even just getting away to a B&B in a pretty town a few miles away, a break can do you soooooo much good. Oh, and don’t forget to let the hotel know that you are a newlywed couple – they might leave you a bottle of complimentary bubbles in the room 😉

Married Name Change Get dressed up and go for a night out – just the two of you. I bet when you were first going out, you loved getting a gorgeous outfit on and heading out for a night of fun with your love? If you’re up for it, go for some drinks and then head out dancing or go to a gorgeous restauraunt – whatever’s your thing.

Married Name Change Get your newlywed name sorted out as a couple in less than five minutes with our name change service here. Then  use the time you have saved to go out to an afternoon showing of a film you both want to see. It can be such a luxury to see a film during the day – especially if you head out for an early dinner afterwards to chat about the movie, True Romance style.

Married Name Change Organise a one month anniversary bash. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, but invite your friends over for drinks or dinner to celebrate one month as a newlywed couple.

Married Name Change Buy your beau a random surprise gift and leave it on their pillow. After all the fun and spoils around your wedding, it can be such a thoughtful idea to get your beau a little prezzie – for no reason other than that you love them loads and you know it will make them smile 🙂

Married Name Change Plant a tree together. This is a really old-fashioned one, but I love the notion! Buy a little tree sapling and plant it somewhere in your garden. True, you might move house lots of times during your marriage, but planting a tree just after you are newlywed is a lovely symbolic idea of your marriage and how your love for each other will grow – awwww!


I hope that you might try out one of these ideas to celebrate your lives together as a newlywed couple – send us a picture with the tag #newmarriedname to @newmarriedname on Twitter or Facebook.


Laura xx


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Happy Marriage Advice

Happy Marriage Advice from Mums


Happy Marriage Advice

Happy Marriage Advice from Mums

Happy Marriage advice was top of the agenda this week in our Mothers Day Competition. We asked what advice and tips for a Happy Marriage you had been given by your Mum before you got married. Here are some of the lovely pieces of advice that we got in:

Happy Marriage Advice and Tips from Mums to their Daughters

Thanks so much to all of the lovely Facebook My Married Name Change Community for submitting these lovely tips 🙂


“Enjoy every bit of your wedding day as it passes very quickly. Never go to bed on an argument. Always work through your problems and never just walk out on them. Having a happy marriage is hard work at times but worth working for.”


“Marriage is hard. You will hate each other sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you won’t love each other also. Learn to lean on each other and you can make it work.”


“Never go to bed angry with each other. Whatever your differences, put them aside and make up.”


“Marriage is hard! Sometimes you can forget what it’s all about. Before your wedding day, write down all the reasons you are marrying each other and when times get hard, take a few minutes to read them and remind yourselves what your relationship is all about.”

“My Mum just said it’s not about anybody else, but you two. Do what makes you happy and enjoy your day! It goes so fast.”


“My mom didn’t give me much marriage advice. What I did learn from her is from watching her marriage and knowing I wanted something much different. I’ve watched her let my dad walk all over her, not care or listen to her opinion or needs and imply she had no intelligence, and not compromise with her at all. I knew I didn’t want my marriage to be like that. I’m so thankful I found a man who can talk through decisions and disagreements, who treats me as the intelligent woman I am, who takes into consideration my fears and insecurities and respects them, and respects my opinion. And that wonderful man is my husband now.”


“Being married is no different to not being married… Just a married name change! Don’t change yourself and enjoy it.”


“Be yourself… Never be something someone else wants you to be.”


“My in-laws said ‘don’t do it’! And then with the same breath, said ‘be kind, be loyal and love every moment of your happy marriage, even if those moments are testing” 


“Always make him think it was his idea but secretly know it was really yours.” 


“Never go to bed on an argument or with dirty dishes!”

“Put God first and work at it.”


“My fave advice for a happily married life from my Mum is to always make your Hubs feel happy – find laughter where you can, even on the tough days.”


Once the wedding day is over and you have changed to your new married name, I hope that these lovely tips for a happy marriage will inspire you and perhaps give you a little lift if you are having one of the tougher days.

Wishing you and yours a blissfully happy marriage.

Laura xx

Change your name after getting married in under five minutes here.


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Mothers Day Married Name Change Competition

Mothers Day Married Name Change Competition

Mothers Day Married Name Change Competition

Mothers Day Married Name Change Competition

With Mothers Day 2016 just around the corner, we thought it would be a nice time to celebrate all you newlywed Mummys out there! We all know that changing your name after getting married is boring, time consuming and not the easiest of tasks when you have littles running around to look after… My Married Name Change makes changing your name after getting married really easy – fill in our form in under 5 minutes, your pack will be sent straight to you by email, then sign and send – easy! And no boredom in sight 🙂

We will be giving away a Premium Married Name Change Pack to a newlywed Mummy (or a super organised Mummy Bride to Be) next Monday 7th March in our Mothers Day Married Name Change Competition.

All you need to do is like our Page and comment on our Mothers Day Facebook Competition here. Add in the Comments your favourite advice for Married Life that your Mum gave you. Whichever advice gets the most Likes will win the Premium Married Name Change Pack in our Mothers Day Married Name Change Competition on Monday 7th March!

Good luck Mums 🙂

Laura xx

My Married Name Change Explainer Video

I’m delighted to share our new My Married Name Change Explainer Video with you today! We had great fun making this and I hope that it will show just how much time and effort we can save you whilst you are changing your name after getting married.


You can have your pack with you in 5 minutes from now, by filling in our quick form here.

Laura x