Double Barrel Surname

Double Barrel Surname after Marriage

Double Barrel Surname

Opting for a double barrel surname after marriage is becoming a more and more popular decision for UK newlyweds. Wanting to follow tradition, and yet being reluctant to lose heritage and identity, using a double barrel surname can be a fantastic way to get the best of both worlds.

With a surname like mine, (Sack is a Jewish-German surname which is almost unheard of in the UK!), I really sympathise with newlyweds who are unsure about ditching their maiden name and taking on their spouses surname. A double barrel surname can be a neat solution, if you and your Partner’s names sound good together.

There is a lot of confusion about how to go through the process of taking on a double barrel surname after marriage, so I thought I would give an outline of what needs to be done below.

Straightforward Double Barrel Surname Option

Double Barrel Surname If you wish to add your partners name to your own, to create a straightforward double barrel surname, then you can go about your married name change as usual (using one of the MyMarriedNameChange.Com packs will save you hours of time and hassle). An example of this would be taking your name ( lets use Lisa Smith) and your Partners’ name (for example John Peters) to become a new double barrelled name: Lisa Smith-Peters. There is no need to use a deed poll to change your name, as it is clear where the names have been derived from and both you and your other half can ‘assume’ the new double barrel name.

Some Companies will need to see your Marriage Certificate when going through the process of changing your name, but one of our name change Packs will tell you exactly who needs to see what – you can choose from over 380 Companies who you wish to notify.


Creating a new word for your Surname

Double Barrel Surname If you want to create a brand new word out of your Partners name and your own. This will count as a new Surname, rather than a double barrel surname, so you will need to do a deed poll to action this name change. You can still use one of our Packs, but you will need to do a separate deed poll as many Companies will need to see this before they can update your details. An example of this would be taking your name (Lisa Smith) and your Partners’ name (John Peters) to become Lisa Smeters.


Keeping your Maiden Name as your new middle name

Double Barrel Surname Taking on your Partners surname, but using your Maiden name as a middle name. Again, this is not a straight forward double barrel and you will be creating a new name for yourself. This means that you will need to use a deed poll to officially change your name. Again, you can still use our Packs for your name change, but you will also need to do an official deed poll to take on this new name – using the above example, this would then be Lisa Smith Peters.


Whatever route you choose to take with your married name change, I hope you enjoy your new name and wish you and your Beau a long and happy marriage!

Laura x