How do I change my name on my passport

How do I change my name on my passport after getting married?

How do I change my name on my passport

How do I change my name on my passport is probably one of the things you are thinking about if you are going to be getting married and going abroad on a honeymoon. If you are going to be changing to a new name after you get married, you may find one of our new married name change packs very useful – you can find out more here.

As ‘How do I change my name on my passport’ is one of the top reasons for you lovely lot visiting MyMarriedNameChange.Com, I thought it would be helpful to give you a quick guide to advise you on what needs to be done.

Firstly, you must decide whether you want to change your name before or after the wedding ceremony. The name on your passport must be the same one you use when you book your travel.

How do I change my name on my passport before the wedding ceremony?

  1. You can change the name on your passport up to 3 months before the ceremony. Your old passport will be cancelled.
  2. Your new passport is ‘post-dated’ – this means you can’t use it before the ceremony.
  3. Some countries won’t issue visas for post-dated passports – check with the country’s consulate. More information here:
  4. You must send a ‘passports for newly weds and civil partners’ form (you can find this form here: ) and it must be signed by the religious minister or registrar who will conduct the ceremony, with your application.

There is more information along with the Forms that you can use for applying for a new passport in advance of your wedding here:


How do I change my name on my Passport after the wedding ceremony?

Send the marriage or civil partnership certificate when you apply for your new passport. Follow the process for renewing a passport – but send the appropriate documents with your application – you can find out more information here:

Remember – You won’t need to change your name on your passport if you will be keeping your name the same after getting married.


I have taken the above information from the official UK Government Guidelines which are correct as at 02.07.16. Before you decide on whether to change your name on your passport before or after your wedding, please do check in on the latest Government guidelines here:

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Wishing you a wonderful honeymoon!

Laura x

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