Kind Words


 Below are some of the lovely comments that I have received from newlyweds who I have created name change packs for. You can read more reviews on the Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/Mymarriednamechange/reviews/


I would love to help you make your transition from Miss to Mrs as easy and quick as possible too – you can find out more about my name change service here.


Laura x


The service is genius! Saved me so much time and effort. The information pack excelled my expectations and I would recommend to any newlyweds.

Mrs Sophie Fallon


 “I found the form very easy to fill in and feel extremely happy that it is now all getting dealt with. It has taken no time at all on what is a very daunting process. You have made it so clear with easy step by step instructions. Thank you!!

Mrs Nicola Everson


Very easy to use and a great time saving idea and good value. I would recommend the service to my newlywed friends.

Mrs Catherine Drudy


This was super easy to use – the website allows you to select multiple options which covers off all your details including identification, banking contacts, credit cards, all utility company’s, insurance, car recovery to name a few. It didn’t take long to fill out at all and the pack with all the required information was emailed over to me very quickly! Exactly what you need to make the process stress free.

I thought the price was totally reasonable for the amount of information which is provided to you. The pack includes all details of what to do as well as forms and letters pre-prepared which you can immediately use to change your name.

I had already told a few friends about it because I found it so useful. I work long hours and just don’t have the time to research all of this – the pack is ideal for me!

Mrs Susan Sorlie


The service you provide is excellent, really, really easy and it reminded me of things I needed to change my name on which I hadn’t even thought about!

Mrs Katie Addison


Saves a lot of time trying to find out where to write and who needs what. I found the pack very easy to use and it was so nice to know exactly what different Companies needed to have in order to make the change.  It was really useful having the blank templates too.

Mrs Vicky Paxton


I had it completed in minutes! This service saved me hours of time sorting out who needed a copy or original of the wedding certificate and where it needed posting, worth every penny.

Mrs Sarah Mitchell


The experience was great, really easy to use and was worth the money. I would recommend your service to others.

Mrs Katrina Adams